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(Bringing Yesterday’s Sane Lifestyle Into Today’s Insane World) 

For most of us life has become a pressure cooker of unrealistic expectations, information overload, relentless marketing and workaholism that we spend our days stressed out over being stressed out. Loretta makes us see the wisdom of a more civilized time when no one carried a cell phone during a peaceful walk on the beach. With her contemporary wit and a hearty dose of old-world wisdom, Loretta brings a breath of fresh air for everyone who’s suffocating in our techno crazed, germ-phobic, “ go-go-go” world.

 Life is Short! Wear Your Party Pants

Loretta LaRoche has helped millions of people find ways to lighten up and overcome stress. Now, in Life Is Short—Wear Your Party Pants, she gives you the tools you need to not only reduce feelings of tension, but also to bring joy, passion, and gusto into your life. Her techniques are a brilliant blend of old-world common sense and the most contemporary research in brain chemistry, psychology, and mind-body studies. Loretta gives you dozens of proven techniques for recognizing the ten simple truths that will lead you to an intense, happy, successful life: resilience, living in the moment, optimism, acceptance, humor, creativity, moderation, responsibility, meaning, and connection. 

You hit it out of the park again!  It was an honor to be a part of such an energizing day.  Thank you.


~ Molly,Executive Director,

 NH Businesses for Social Responsibility 

How To Prevent Hardening of The Attitude

(Reducing Stress in the Workplace)
Our work literally takes up most of our lives. Therefore, it would make sense for us to choose to enjoy it. Find out how to look forward to Monday instead of enduring until Friday! Discover how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can affect work performance, relationships and our own selfworth.

This is a 90 Minute Program. 

Humor is serious Business!



Over the years Loretta LaRoche has been asked by many of her workshop participants to develop a training program to instruct them in her pioneering techniques on how to use humor as a coping mechanism for stress management. Her model incorporates years of study and experience which melds psychology, philosophy, science and her innate humor which has made her a leading expert in her field.
This program can be done as a one day or a weekend.


Participants Will:

  • Explore who is on their committee. A lot of our expectations around humor begin with messages we get from parents, teachers and the culture we live in. They often inhibit our ability to laugh at ourselves and to be judgmental of others.

  • Discover the physical and mental attributes of humor and how valuable it is to our ability to heal our mind/body and spirit

  •  Learn how to understand the need to catastrophize and awfulize and their correlation to the stress response. Discover how to see the inherent humor in the majority of them.

  • Engage in exercises that allow you to become more mindful of irrational thoughts and how to reframe them through the use of paradoxical intention.

  • Become more lighthearted through the use of the inner smile and other techniques that Loretta has created with thousands of participants over the years.

  • Receive a certificate of completion certifying that you have attended this course in humor is serious business.


This program can be either 90 minutes or 3 hour Workshop


Mind Your Stress!

Loretta demonstrates seven simple truths to a healthier, happier life. The emotional challenges of living in a high stress society are taking its toll and we are paying the price. Discover easy, practical ways to “downsize your stress, and increase your ability to live a longer more fulfilling existence. Learn to let go of the stress and the things beyond our control and let Loretta LaRoche make you laugh and contemplate all the good in your life.


Here are the 7 Simple truths in “Mind Your Stress”. Learn more at Loretta’s program.


  1. Mind your thoughts

  2. Power down

  3. Go outside

  4. Embrace stillness

  5. BE where you are

  6. Take a news fast

  7. Lighten UP!


    This Program can be 90 Minutes or a three Hour Workshop. Contact us for Pricing.


Best speaker since I've been attending years ago!

Leading Age Conference

You were a hit with everyone who attended our 11th international symposium in November. As you know, the majority of our attendees live with chronic rare illnesses and come together to connect with one another and to leam more about their disease and how to cope. So many patients came up to me after your presentation, still laughing, and commenting how that was the first time they have laughed that much in years!! What a testimonial!


The Power of Humor and Optimism

A life that is fulfilling is predicated on discovering how to use thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to enhance our mental and physical well being. Many of us go day to day hypnotized by internal dialogue that leads us down the path of negativity and unhappiness. It is often the result of parental and societal messages, but it can also be an inherited predisposition towards depression and/or anxiety. Optimism, which is a resiliency based model, can be taught. It is not the fairy tale concept of simply thinking "positive thoughts", but rather an explanatory style. When we add the ingredient of humor, our ability to handle life's inevitable ups and downs becomes more accessible.

This Program can be 90 Minutes or a three Hour Workshop. Contact us for Pricing.


The WOW Factor

(Wisdom, Openness, and Wonder as a benchmark for living well)
We've all met enthusiastic, energetic people that leave us wondering what they could possibly be "on" to be the way they are. Most individuals today report fatigue and stress as a way of life. There are a myriad of causes, but the most prevalent problem is the notion that life is a constant series of tasks that need to be accomplished and expedited quickly. As a result taking care of one's health and happiness becomes secondary to making sure everything is done by the end of the day. Ironically this mentality actually drains our resources and dampens the very thing we need to have a productive life which is energy, or a feeling of "WOW". Our ability to use our wisdom, be open to new ideas and experience wonder in the everyday is exchanged for a robotic mentality based on forging ahead. When we are in a "WOW" mode relationships flourish, success is more attainable, and we tend to feel more energetic.

This Program can be 90 Minutes or a three Hour Workshop. Contact us for Pricing.

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